About U?!

UNCANNY?! Material (U?!) came to be in 2020 after I spent a considerable amount of time learning how to make briar tobacco pipes from Nathan Davis in the nQa workshop.

While playing Dueling Shop Smiths with Nathan at nQa, I learned to “read” the briar ( I suppose that this should be the part of the story where I go into some pretentious spiritual diatribe about the briar “speaking” to me but I won’t, because briar can’t talk) which is really helpful in determining shape and such and as a result I made some neat stuff.  

At the time my stem options were limited to traditional black moulded stems and though I do appreciate a nice classy black stem I felt my work was more deserving of something other than being fitted with a traditional black moulded stem. Folks like colors and fun, so I wanted to make fun and colorful stems for their toothy face holes. 

So I did. 

And that is that, for now.